Video: Brilliant Light Power Washington DC Presentation

Randell Mills, CEO of Brilliant Light Power introduces the company’s SunCell technology at a presentation made yesterday (February 4, 2021) in Washington DC.

From the video description

“Brilliant Light Power produces 100,000W of continuous steam power at the Homer building in Washington DC. This is the historical first of commercial scale Hydrino power contributing to heating of an office building in the Nation’s Capital.”

Towards the end of the video, Mills turns the time over to Mark Nansteel who provides some information about the performance of the SunCell based on calorimetry tests he has carried out. He states he has carried out multiple tests with the SunCell, measuring electrical energy input into the system, and the thermal energy released into the water bath.

From his concluding remarks:

“In summary [for a five minute test], you put in 8000 kJ of electrical energy to run the process, and you get back 25,000 kJ of thermal energy. 25,000 minus 8,000 is 17,000 kJ difference so that’s the energy of the plasma reaction.”