Update from Aureon Energy

Thanks to Gerard McEk for posting the following update from Aureon Ltd. At the moment I am not sure what the source is for this text. It looks like it could be a communication to current and/or potential investors.

February 11, 2021
To our Aureon Community,
Aureon Energy Ltd, has made tremendous progress with the SAFIRE project, despite the continuing challenges that 2020 has brought.

First, I want to thank you all for sharing our vision and supporting us with your personal investment. We have raised over $2MM with the SAFE investment opportunity, almost 10 times our original goal of 250K. This has allowed us to do more tests and experiments with the SAFIRE reactor with exciting results.

In our latest experiments, we found transmutation occurring not only on the anode but all through the sample. Furthermore, the manganese that is being made in the atmosphere has been discovered to be depositing onto the cathode! Keep in mind, there is no manganese in SAFIRE. This shows the predictions by the Wal Thornhill – EU are correct in that transmutation occurs in the Sun’s atmosphere.

We also produced a new video in September that illustrates more effectively the vision of Aureon for energy and remediation of nuclear waste. This also allows investors a virtual SAFIRE reactor behind the scenes tour without having to travel.

Since the updated video was released, we have had several exciting meetings with private equity investors that have reached out to us regarding our ‘A’ round of financing. We confirmed a tremendous amount of capital available and flowing into the market of clean-tech like SAFIRE, and Aureon is at the ‘tip of the spear’.

As you know, there are three areas of development Aureon energy has initially identified nuclear remediation, electrical energy generation, and material transmutation. The positive feedback we received from these meetings helped us prioritize our initial efforts into remediation, and increase the amount of capital we can raise.

We have increased our ‘A’ round from $20MM to $50MM to build a hot nuclear waste remediation reactor prototype. The additional capital will allow us to compress the project from 5 years to 36 months. Creating the remediation reactor first will also yield the designs, costs, and outputs for an energy and material transmutation reactor.

We are not doing any further work in the SAFIRE lab right now. All our efforts are focused on building out the project plan, budget, and private placement memorandum. Investors are keenly anticipating this opportunity!

Where all of this has brought us is that we need to close the SAFE March 31st 2021 and wrap up all the paperwork and legal no later than April 30.

If you want to invest more you can and there is no limit, but you will need to download the latest SAFE document for the correct date. Also, if you have already invested there is no need to fill out the qualification as an accredited investor.

Things are moving quickly now and we will be giving you updates quarterly so expect another update in April.

With best and warm regards,

Montgomery Childs
Aureon Energy Ltd