Q&As Regarding E-Cat SKL Launch

I would imagine that most readers here are like me and are interested in learning about the product launch and presentation of the E-Cat SKL, which Andrea Rossi has said would take place at some point in 2010. I had a chance to correspond with him recently and asked a few questions regarding the topic. There’s not a great deal of news here, but I think it provides the latest information on the topic, and helps us with our expectations:

Q: How is the SKL Progressing

A: Very well.

Q: Do you think the presentation will take place in the first half of this year?

A: I can promise only within 2021.

Q: So do you think you will be ready to launch production this year?

A: Yes.

Q: Will the presentation and production happen at the same time?

A: Yes, presentation first.

Q: Do you plan to launch with the single SKL product first, or the multi-SKL plant, or both?

A: Still to be decided, maybe both.

So he is still promising a presentation this year but things are still rather vague in terms of what will will be demonstrated, what product will be launched and exactly when it will all happen.