The First E-Cat SKL Product – A Best Guess

I am quite surprised that Andrea Rossi has been so open with his plans for the public presentation of the first E-Cat SKL product. True, we don’t know the date or location of the presentation, but we do have a good idea now of what will be presented.

Based on various comments Rossi has made here is what I have been able to

Leonardo Corp, along with a business partner will build a lighting product, (Rossi describes it as a ‘lamp’, I think possibly it will be something like a floodlight) made up of panels of 200W LED lights. The product will plug into a mains/grid source of electricity and incorporate an E-Cat SKL to make power consumption minimal. The COP will be measured by comparing the energy consumption from the grid source to the energy consumed by the LEDs

Rossi has explained that the reason that this product has been chosen for the presentation is that: “We prefer to start with the easiest thing to be done, all the rest will follow.”

Also, it seems that the decision is based on the business of an industrial partner. Today he wrote “We are industrially ready for this, thanks to our Partner, and the potential market is almost infinite.”

My guess is that this will be a product that will be used in industrial/commercial/civic settings. Who really would want large panels of LEDs in their homes or gardens?

Will this be the only E-Cat SKL product that we will see? According to Rossi, not at all. When asked about using the E-Cat to provide power for the electric grid he wrote: “To enter the grid implies many issues we’d depend on. But we will get there.” When asked about whether he would be making E-Cat powered heaters he replied: “Eventually yes, but initially it will be lamps.”

You have to start somewhere, and I think it is definitely a positive step that a first product has been decided on. Light is used an needed throughout the world in all kinds of settings, and everyone wants to decrease power consumption, and if this is a successful launch it will provide the funds to further product development.

I am looking forward to seeing how all this plays out this year.