More Details on the E-Cat “SKLed”

Andrea Rossi has been using the term “SKLed” to describe the product he has said will be the first mass-produced E-Cat product, so I think that is how we should refer to it for now.

There have been many questions posted by readers on the Journal of Nuclear Physics over the last day which have produced answers from Rossi giving a clearer picture of what the SKLed is and what it does. Here are some points that I have picked up from the ongoing dialogue:

1. The SKLed will be a lighting product that will marketed for all kinds of uses: industrial, commercial and domestic.

2.The product will be sold, not leased.

3. The SKLed will need to be plugged into the mains to operate – either into either 120 or 240 Volt outlets.

4. The SKLed will use specially designed LED lights built by a US partner, which Rossi says are optimized to work with the E-Cat SKL producing light at a very high efficiency: “It is designed to make light with a dramatically high efficiency, by orders of magnitude higher that the best existing LED illumination systems (220 LM/W).”

5. Rossi expect the SKLed to operate for many years, 24 hours a day, without requiring a recharge of any fuels utilized by the E-Cat.

6. The SKLed will be produced by Leonardo Corporation and built in the United States.

In short, it sounds like the SKL is a very high efficient light. LEDs have been adopted very widely around the world in a relatively short period time because of their superior efficiency compared to earlier lighting technology. Many businesses and households have moved entirely to LED lighting because of the energy savings they can realize.

If the SKLed turns out to be more efficient by orders of magnitude, compared to traditional LEDs, we could be looking at the next revolution in lighting.