Andrea Rossi Announcement Regarding 2021 Presentation and Ordering the E-Cat SKLed

Here is an announcement from Andrea Rossi posted today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Here is an important anticipation that I forward to our Readers and to the Readers of E-Catworld:
in ten days I will publish a photo of the product, its price and the main characteristics and will open the sales. Everybody will be free to buy, domestic, commercial or business, or other as they might be. The certification, made by a third independent party, covers and guarantees the Ecat SKLed for any application, even domestic.
The price will depend on the quantities a Client will buy.
The official presentation will be made in November 2021 and the deliveries will begin after the presentation, but not before we will have collected at least 1 million orders of Ecat SKLed , because this is the payback number at the price we will make, that will be very popular ( between 20 and 30 $, depending on the quantity of Ecats bought ).
The EcatSKLed is a beauty, designed with love, and pays back its price in less that one year; we will guarantee 100000 (one hundred thousands) hours of life and a free substitution if it will break before, so long it will be returned with it sealed body integer and not tampered with.
The presentation of November will have a worldwide diffusion.
This has been decided, whatever it will cost in terms of money and fatigue.
The Clients will pay nothing at the order, they will pay only at the delivery: no delivery, no money changing hands.
The order of delivery will respect the list of pre-orders we already got, but it is necessary that all the pre-orders will be confirmed within 30 days from when I will publish here the photo and the data-sheet with the price list. The pre-orders that will not be confirmed will be considered cancelled.
Warm Regards,