Mainspring Energy Claims Linear Generator is ‘Fundamentally New Power Generation Technology’

Thanks to PieEconomics for posting the following comment and video in the Always On Thread:

A generator that can generate electricity at a ‘substantial savings’ from what the grid charges: Investors include: Bill Gates and American Electric Power. The first product outputs 250 KW, suitable for commercial and industrial buildings, utilities, and microgrids… only the electricity will be sold; Mainspring will retain ownership of the devices. If this technology scales down, for example, to individual households, the electrical grid (other than microgrids) could be rendered obsolete, and the new technology could take over the entire portable electric generator market with the exception of solar and piezoelectric.

Mainspring Energy describes its technology in a recent press release:

A linear generator —distinct from an engine, microturbine, or fuel cell — is a device that directly converts motion along a straight line into electricity using chemical or thermal energy. The design of Mainspring’s Linear Generator uses a low-temperature reaction of air and fuel to drive magnets through copper coils to efficiently produce electricity. This innovative design, combined with the company’s proprietary adaptive control software, enables high efficiency, near-zero NOx emissions, full dispatchability, and seamless switching between fuels.