Rossi: 1 Million ECAT SKLed Order Requirement Necessary for Business Success

Following Andrea Rossi announcing the introduction E-Cat SKLed later this year, many readers have commented about his requirement of one million orders before production will start.

A reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics yesterday asked Andrea Rossi to consider producing a smaller number of SKLeds at a higher price instead, because one million orders could be difficult to obtain.

Andrea Rossi
April 10, 2021 at 7:59 AM
Koen Vandewalle:
Thank you for your opinion, but only if we reach that order of magnitude we can offer that price. With a minor order of magnitude, the price would be much higher and nobody would buy the product, with exception of several hundreds of subjects aiming only to a reverse engineering. For obvious reasons, we are not interested to follow this path, as difficult as the reverse engineering might be.
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This is in keeping with Rossi’s long-held position that the best way to prevent reverse engineering of the E-Cat was to produce at high volume with low prices, to take away the incentive for copycats who would not be able to make money by copying a product that is so cheap.

Whether he is right is another question. I am sure that at $25, curious researchers will have no problem buying a SKLed to disassemble it and figure out its secrets. Rossi is expecting this, but thinks that it will be fruitlessl

All the persons that will buy the ECAT SKLed to make reverse engineering will be VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY disappointed: believe me, when they will break it and look inside, they will find everything so broken that will get less information than you can get out of a Black Hole. I swear. Yes, they will found elements, but forget they will be able to recombine them. It will be like recombine the “Madonna delle Rocce” of Leonardo da Vinci recombining the drops of its oil colors dropped on the floor.
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