E-Cat as Gamechanging Climate Tool? (Ilir Mehmetaj)

The following post has been submitted by Ilir Mehmetaj.

Could the E-cat be used as a heat source to create artificial (controlled) tornadoes and thus enable artificial rain clouds?

How about a new (self-sufficient) tool that can improve / mitigate the climate / temperature in dry and hot areas with the help of rain clouds created by artificial tornados in a range of 50 to 500 square kilometres at any time and in long intervals? https://bit.ly/397ml9w

Here you have the proof that artificial rain clouds are possible https://lnkd.in/ei5ufNx and here the old patents which can be combinate for a cheaper and simple method https://bit.ly/3j0FRrI

There are many different designs/methods possible, but with a few modifications, could be one of the simplest solutions to use a disused LNG Super tanker to create artificial tornados?

Would a movable platform / Super Tanker be able to steer tornadoes even in calm days in the desired land direction?

Could the salt remaining after evaporation be used to develop mega-salt batteries to store in the ship the extra electricity that can be generated by generating the tornadoes with the steam in the closed mega-boilers?

Is it worth achieving the goal of the Paris Agreement and protecting our climate / planet using the E-Cat of Andrea Rossi?