New Water Bath Calorimetry Experiment Report by Brilliant Light Power

Thanks to Cashmemorz for posting about the following:

Brilliant Light Power has published a revised version of its document describing water bath calorimetry carried out by Mark Nansteel, who is a heat transfer expert at the company. This report provides data from a new test carried out in March 2021.

The new test was carried out on a new dual electrode plasma cell which had improved insulation, resulting in higher temperatures during the experiment.

The report can be read here:

Here is a table which compares data from the recent test with tests carried out in December of 2020:

From the summary of the report:

In the present test conducted with the new, larger dual electrode cell at an average temperature of 583°C the performance clearly exceeds that achieved in the prior tests using a single electrode in a smaller cell, running at lower temperature. In particular, the average plasma power has increased by about 82% relative to the best performance measured in December, 2020.