UFOs Continue to be in the News

There is quite a lot of news circulating these days on the subject of UFOs (or often referred to now as UAP – unidentified arial phenomena), largely based on the fact that the US military has confirmed that certain videos that have been made public are actually authentic.

Some of these videos are shown in this Fox News segment.

A longer treatment of the subject was published a New Yorker essay last week by Gideon Lewis-Kraus titled “How the Pentagon started taking UFOs seriously”.


The issue is coming to be seen by key people in government as a US national security issue as many of these UFO sightings/recordings show apparent craft close to US military assets such as ships and planes. One baffling aspect of these reports and videos is that the UFOs shown in these videos often maneuver in a way that is impossible to explain using the known laws of physics. It implies that someone has technology that is far more advanced than anything currently known.

There is also potentially new information that will be coming out in a government report later this year. A report is scheduled to be delivered to the US Congress in June on this topic. Last year’s US Covid relief bill included a provision that the director of national intelligence and secretary of defense put together a report detailing government knowledge about UFO/UAP phenomena.