Rossi Testing E-Cat SKLed for Greenhouse Applications

On the Journal of Nuclear Physics yesterday, Andrea Rossi mentioned that he had been doing some experiments using the Ecat SKLed light in greenhouse environments. Presumably this means using the light of the SKLed to help grow plants, and not for heating the greenhouse (since the SKLed apparently produces very minimal amounts of heat).

I followed up with a question of my own:

Frank Acland
May 3, 2021 at 11:11 AM
Dear Andrea,

So you are testing the SKLeds with plants growing in an indoor environment?

Andrea Rossi
May 3, 2021 at 12:22 PM
Frank Acland:
Yes, we are making experiments with a friend of mine who owns a series of greenhouses.
Warm Regards,

He provided very little information about the results of this testing, except to say in response to a question about whether the spectrum of the SKLed was fit for this application, “It appears so from the first experiments”.

If the SKLed really is suitable for plant growth, I would imagine there would be a great deal of interest in the indoor agriculture/horticulture industry. Lighting is a major expense for indoor growers, and if the SKLed can cut energy use by around 90 per cent, as claimed, then it should be a real hit with this market, once SKLed production starts.

I hope that we will get more information about these plant-growing experiments at the November presentation, if not before.