Paper: “”New Approach to the Plasma Quantum Condensate as a New State of Matter” (Kulakov and Tyutyunnik)

A reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics posted a link to a paper posted on ResearchGate in December 2020 by Anatoly Kulakov and V.M. Tyutyunnik titled “New Approach to the Plasma Quantum Condensate as a New State of Matter”

The authors propose that plasma quantum condensate, which they state is “theoretically predicted and experimentally confirmed” is a liquified plasma which contains the characteristics of normal fluid and ionized plasma, and that it is a source of energy that is environmentally friendly, non-polluting and renewable.

From the article:

“Researchers have made it possible to predict, then experimentally in the laboratory to detect the existence of fundamentally new states of matter, that is the quantum plasma condensate, which
combines the signs inherent in normal fluid (fluidity, surface tension, inner correlations), and signs characteristic of ionized plasma in normal understanding. Theory, developed in our research, based on direct solution of the Schrödinger equation and widespread to the state class of continuous spectrum
(perturbation theory taking into account exchange forces), allowed to explain already observed features of plasma phases, that can and should be used with modern equipment and technology (Kulakov and Tyutyunnik, 2016). Described studies have predicted and confirmed the existence of fundamentally
new, alternative, renewable and sustainable energy source on the planet Earth, there is plasma quantum condensate. This source is the only ecological clean, does not deplete and not polluting the Planet, and its use clears the surrounding medium of Planet Earth”

The main reason I post it here is that Andrea Rossi commented that it was “very interesting”, which might give an indication that he thinks it has a connection to his work with the Ecat SKL which is a plasma-based energy source.