Video: First Run of Brilliant Light Power’s 250 kW Steam Boiler

A new video has been posted by Brilliant Light Power showing the operation of a steam boiler rated at 250 kW.

From the video’s description:

Brilliant Light Power has developed a steam boiler capable of a continuous steam output of 250 kW by integration of the SunCell validated to generate over 250 kW of power into a pressure vessel. Schematics, bills of material, and cost of goods are given in our business overview presentation []. In this video, we show the first run at a power level of 150 kW wherein the steam pressure was controlled by changing the variable size of the output aperture. This boiler is planned to be tested in an industry setting as a pilot for commercial thermal and steam applications.

The business presentation document cited above contains this statement about the steam boiler:

“We have developed 250 kW, direct SunCell® to air heat exchanger to produce variable heated air in the range of 100 °C to 400 °C to service the balance of the $4.8T/y thermal markets which corresponds to 1/2 of the world’s power market with elimination of 1/3 of the world’s CO2 emissions.”