Video: “Ross Coulthart – Investigating UFOs & Impossible Science”

Thanks to Toussiant françois for posting a link to the following video from the YouTube Channel Project Unity interviewing Australian investigative journalist Ross Coulthart who provides in-depth coverage of the UFO topics that are currently in the news following the publication of US Director of National Intelligence’s report on UAP phenomena.

Coulthart’s reaction to this report is that it is “window dressing for a debate that I think has been going on in the Department of Defense, the intelligence community in the United States now for quite a few years, how much to dribble out of what they know . . . I know the United States government knows a hell of a lot more than it is letting on.”

Here is Phillip Power’s reaction to this video.

“An absolutely riveting video and, to me, all the more so with Ross’s detailed inclusion of those key incidents in both Australia and New Zealand, even including his accurate mimicry of the respective “dinkum” accents in both countries. It rings true at all levels and is surely a “must see” for everyone in pursuit of the whole truth, over the decades, about UFO’s.”