Scientists Find Two Species of “Few Electron Bubbles” in Superfluid Helium.

Thanks to Stephen for posting a link to this research in the Always Open thread:


“Scientists discover two species of few-electron bubbles in superfluid helium”

The article reports that scientists at the Indian Institute of Science have discovered two different species of what they term “few electron bubbles” (FEBs) in superfluid helium.

Few electron bubbles (FEB) are described as “nano-metre-sized cavities in liquid helium containing a few free electrons.” The researchers found when they applied voltage to the surface of liquid helium with a tungsten tip, they were found that electron bubbles were formed, some with 8 electrons and others with 6 electrons.

According to the article, these FEBs differ from single electron bubbles and multiple electron bubbles that can also form in superfluid helium.

The authors believe that understanding how these electron bubbles are formed can be important for the development of new types of quantum materials.