Cold Fusion Patent Granted to Alpha Ring

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Alpha Ring has been granted a Cold Fusion patent.. They have quietly been working on this since 2015.
2035-06-17 Anticipated expiration

“Submicron Fusion Devices, Methods and Systems”
2019-10-22 Application granted

Inventor Alfred Y. Wong

Worldwide application/priority 2015

G21B3/00 Low temperature nuclear fusion reactors, e.g. alleged cold fusion reactors
Y02E30/10 Nuclear fusion reactors

Methods, apparatus, devices, and systems for creating, controlling, conducting, and optimizing fusion activities of nuclei. In particular, the present inventions relate to, among other things, fusion activities that are conducted individually or collectively on a very small scale, preferably on the nano-scale or smaller such as pico to femto scales, for the utilization of energy produced from these activities in smaller devices and for aggregation into larger devices.

Thanks @Ahlfors for this related paper…
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Confidential – Proprietary Information of Alpha Ring International [but published in Arxiv from Alfred Yiu-Fai Wong [Alpha Ring president] Tue, 22 Jun 2021 21:37:02 UTC]

Enhanced D-D Fusion Rates when the Coulomb Barrier Is Lowered by Electrons

Alfred Y. Wong et al.

May 20, 2021