Video: “Introduction to Scalar Physics”

Thanks to Bob Greenyer and another ECW reader for pointing out to me a video on the subject of scalar physics from the YouTube Channel of Tom Montalk

A few quotes from the video: “What if magnetism, electricity and gravity are just underlying expressions of a common underlying field.”

“Scalar physics is about understanding the single fundamental field, and how exactly it gives rise to the three force field. With that understanding you can work out how to manipulate them.”

He talks about three kinds of  “potentials” within the scalar field.

1. Electric Scaler Potential  – Voltage

2. Magnetic Vector Potential

3. Gravitational Scalar Potential

As to the question of why this way of understanding physics is not part of mainstream physics, Tom Montalk believes that there has been a deliberate attempt by influential figures in physics to suppress these ideas.

In his opinion “Mainstream physics has been intentionally handicapped to keep humanity in a cage”