Rossi: E-Cat SKL Maximum Operation in Self-Sustained Mode So Far has been 24 Hours

Here’s an interesting Q&A between Gerard McEk and Andrea Rossi from the Journal of Nuclear Physics today:

Gerard McEk
August 18, 2021 at 3:57 AM
Dear Andrea,
It is good to hear that the SKL is still working well.
Some questions to keep us informed, if I may:
1. Is the SKL continuously operating in SSM, so not connected to any external power source?
2. What is the longest duration that it is in SSM until now?
3. You have said that even while it is vacation time, you continue working on the SKL. Can you give us an impression what is still needed to do before the presentation on 11/25?
I wish you great progress and success in the preparation.
Kind regards, Gerard

Andrea Rossi
August 18, 2021 at 6:38 AM
Gerard McEk:
1- yes
2- 24 hours
3- many things, long and confidential list
Thank you for your sustain,
Warm Regards,

It is good to learn that SSM (self-sustain mode) means that the E-Cat SKL is not connected to an external power source when it is in operation. We don’t know how many watts it is producing, but producing even 100 W with no input for 24 hours would be very impressive.

As far as presenting the SKL at the November event goes, a live demonstration of this kind of long run will not be possible to do, but maybe something can be shown to demonstrate that SKL is producing more energy than is possible from a battery pack of similar size.