COP of E-Cat SKLed ‘More or Less’ 8

A comment/question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics this week dealt with the efficiency of the E-Cat SKLed which Leonardo Corporation is describing as the “most energy efficient” lamp ever made:

Calle H
September 17, 2021 at 11:39 AM
Dear Dr. Rossi,
In your promotion of the SKLed lamp it is said to be the most energy-efficient lamp ever made. However, no measure on the efficiency is given. I apologize if I am wrong. I have set up an Excel sheet calculation with a beamed light irradiating a plane perpendicular to the beam resulting in a circular illuminated area that is computed into Lux numbers. The Lux numbers are further computed into W. The Excel setup reflects approximately the SKLed (10,000 lm, 60 full apex angle, 5000K LED light spectrum). In this case there are uncertainties in computing irradiance and illuminance, however the result is 32 W. As the SKLed consumes 3.9 W the COP would be about 8.
1) Do you think COP 8 is reasonable?
2) Will you be announcing any COP for the SKLed?
Kind regards,
Calle H

Andrea Rossi
September 17, 2021 at 11:59 AM
Calle H:
Moreless, yes.
Warm Regards,

In simple terms from Calle’s question he has theorized that the amount of light that Rossi claims the E-Cat SKLed produces would impossible to explain in terms of conventional physics, if the amount of energy input is 4 Watts.

So far, on its website Leonardo is not making any claims about COP +1, or overunity with the SKLed, but if it works as claimed in the specifications listed, it would seem that there is no way around the conclusion that this is doing something that is currently considered impossible by conventional science.