Rossi: Ecat SK Heaters Require ‘Complex Series of Maintenance Issues’

Here’s an interesting post from Andrea Rossi today. A couple of posters on the Journal of Nuclear Physics had expressed their thoughts about how useful the E-Cat SK heating technology would be in the current environment with natural gas prices reaching record high prices. Rossi had stated that the SK would be developed after the SKLed (lamp) and the SKL (electricity generator), and then later made the following comment.

Andrea Rossi
October 4, 2021 at 3:23 PM
Italo R.:
I think you merit a more complete answer than I did earlier: the problem with the SK is that it needs to have an industrial size to be convenient and the domestic size has not been certified, because it needs a complex series of maintenance issues. In few words, it must be industrial and under our direct control, so far.
The SKLed and the SKL, which are based on the same platform, are much simpler, as well as their certification, albeit they are much more complex electronically. Besides, it is not true that to make heat with the SKL takes time, because electricity can be turned into heat with almost 100% of efficiency and very easily. This is why now we are focused on the SKL.
Warm Regards,

So it appears that there are still technical issues with the SK which require careful monitoring by Leonardo, and it sounds like the AI solutions that have been applied to the SKLed and the SKL have not yet been incorporated with the SK.

It would seem at this point that the best bet for E-Cat space heating is going to be via the SKL which apparently performs the miraculous task of generating electricity without drawing power from an external source. If it can provide the power needed to run a regular electric heater then I think most people would be extremely happy with it. The big question is, when will it be available for use?