Rossi Announces Dec 9th Presentation to be Streamed from Leonardo Lab, Not Customer Site

Today Andrea Rossi posted the following announcement on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Andrea Rossi
October 23, 2021 at 3:07 AM
Dear Readers:
I confirm that on December 9th 2021 we will stream the presentation of the SKLed and the SKL.
The presentation will be made in a laboratory of Leonardo Corporation, because also the Clients that had previously agreed to allow the presentetion in their premises have now changed idea and want no more to be disclosed.
The presentation will not be a scientific event, but a commercial presentation of products, dedicated to laymen, not to scientists.
Warm Regards,

So there is a change of plan regarding the presentation, which will take away one of the intriguing aspects of the original plan, which was the identity of this Swedish customer. Having a customer publicly identity itself would have been a layer of credibility to the E-Cat, so I think this news will be seen by people following E-Cat news as a disappointment for that reason.

Unfortunately it seems that there is a reluctance for almost anyone who wants to maintain a reputation of being respectable to be publicly identified of having connections with Rossi and the E-Cat, I think because of the controversy that seems to have always followed him. Rossi’s claims about his technology are so outside of mainstream, that unless there is absolutely rock solid evidence for them (which we have not yet seen), most people feel safer to steer well clear of any public association with him.

We’ll have to see now what kind of information comes out of the presentation, and whether it will be enough to make more people take the E-Cat seriously.