Ecat for Dummies — Space Heating Ideas

A reader sent in the following request, and I thought it could represent the thoughts of other readers here.

This whole thing started many years ago with the hope of heating my home. Then it evolved into wow! I can get a flashlight. Now it has morphed into a black box that I can use to power a 100 watt lightbulb for 250 dollars.

I am not big into the math side of things so I thought I would request a thread on the more practical side of the Ecat for dummies.

What I would like to see is a setup diagram on how one would connect the Ecats to a standard space heater for a home which could be plugged it into 115VAC outlet and have the heater running 24/7. I don’t know how it would be possible and I would guess some readers of ECW would like to discuss the topic.

We need something practical and simple. After more than 10 years following this topic, I need to see something real that I can use into my home without it becoming an overblown high maintenance science experiment. So please consider opening a thread for design ideas to power a space heater. Thank You