Appeal to Spread the Word about the Ecat SKLep (LarryG)

This is a comment that was posted on the Journal of Nuclear Physics by reader LarryG, which I thought would be appropriate to repost here.

Dear Rossi/SKL supporters:

Corrections and constructive criticism regarding this post are welcome.

This post is long, but I hope fellow Ecat enthusiasts will take the time to read it and take action as they feel comfortable in doing.

The ECAT website has a “Join Us” tab with the headline: “Be part of the team”. See

The final paragraph appeals to us that we “become a member of the team together with your community, spreading the word and helping to reach one million preorders to make the lamp and the power source as affordable as possible. It will allow us all to light up and power the world in a sustainable way.” I am writing this post to encourage you to do so, and to give some suggestions on how this might happen.

Why is it important to “spread the word”? Rossi needs to hit the one million piece order for economy of scale to start up his production lines. While the hitting 400K in less than a month is extremely encouraging, it is not a guarantee that the rate of pre-orders will not drop off. Let me use a Pandemic analogy…the #D921 event was like a superspreader yielding a huge spike in orders, but if the R value is not high enough the launch will drizzle out. We, as supporters, can help keep the R value up to keep the orders coming in at a fast rate by spreading the word. (In this analogy, R value is how many customers pass on the information so that new people “get infected” and place orders, R has to be greater than one to ensure a fast ramp to the one million target).) Even if the R value is greater than one right now, the higher it is the faster we get to a production launch, and the faster the world can stop wasting billions of dollars on things like fusion R&D, and stop the surging trend toward fission power reactors, reducing fossil fuel consumption, etc.

You might be reluctant to “join the team” since groundbreaking technology like the SKLep always gets bashed by the scientific community since it goes against how they currently think the world of science works. This has been the case for millennia, events like “the world is not the center of the universe” comes to mind. The fact that the SKLep superficially looks like a perpetual motion machine does not help. It has been a popular belief that ZPE is not accessible as Garret Moddel, Professor Emeritus, Photonics & Quantum Engineering, U of Colorado discusses in his presentation at about his ZPE research journey. But please take the risk of some knee jerk skeptical feed back and pass on. The Ecat website also references the WiKipedia ZPE article which is much more technical and exhaustive discussion of ZPE.

You will need “talking points”. Here is a start, corrections and constructive criticism are welcome.

1) Andrea Rossi and team have been working on this new technology for over a decade, and finally are taking pre-production orders for a 100W, 12V power source: It comes with a pre-orders, cancelable at any time, order payable only when shipped, and no credit card info needed to place an order. Complete refund within 60 days if it does not meet the specifications, and a three-year warranty.

2) The product has been CE certified.

3) The device is patented United States Patent no. US 9,115,913 B1

4) Rossi has publication (PDF) E-Cat SK and long-range particle interactions ( which discusses the physics that may properly explain the energy production of the SKLep. For less technical discussion of zero point energy see . An extremely simple explanation is that there is a plasma discharge of special design that promotes an electron phase change of clusters of electrons that allows energy extraction from the zero point energy which exists everywhere.

5) The device has been independently tested by Giuseppe Levi, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Bologna, see Measurement of SK-Ecat performance in a series of sessions from October 20 to November 19 2021, and Performance of SK-Ecat prototype on a six hours period.

Andrea has shared that the bulk of the orders to get to the first 300K was “larger orders”. Orders such as my own of 0.0002% of the target quantity will not have any real impact on reaching the goal, the order quantities that will reach the goal have to be in the hundreds, if not thousands each. So please indeed share this exciting technology within your personal social sphere, after all this is a world changing event that we can participate in, at least a low level. But more important try to network with persons you encounter that could eventually lead to larger orders. As an example, if you have a tech rep show up at work for Keithly instruments, discuss this over coffee break. If the Rep’s interest is peaked enough, you can email them the links/info above, and they might take it to their boss who might recognize this product as a way to enhance their higher power rated power supply product line, converting them from AC main power source to SKLep power source with similar price point but vastly reduced power consumption. The list of applications is as long as the list of power sources, instruments, devices and appliances that need hundreds of watts DC.