“Official results show that Exlterra’s revolutionary technology can neutralize radioactivity from Chernobyl” (Exlterra Press Release)

Thanks to JD Sweeney for sending the following post that was originally published on this site:

Radiation Spills in Air, Soils and Water can now be Neutralized

January 03, 2022


“Exlterra, a Swiss company focused on sustainable development with its North American headquarters in Hazel Park, and SSE EcoCentre, a Ukrainian state agency and research institute in charge of managing the Chernobyl exclusion zone, today announced a reduction in air and ground radioactivity at Chernobyl due to Exlterra’s technology.”

“The Nucleus Separation Passive System (NSPS) developed by Andrew Niemczyk, Exlterra’s president and chief technology officer, was installed at Chernobyl and safely accelerates radioactive decay by harnessing existing energy within the ground. Full results will be announced in September, one year after completion of the installation of the NSPS technology.”

Three months after the September press release, no coverage by big media! This could be more mainstream news avoidance of “impossible tech” with excuse of lack of theory. The DB magazine article is dated April 2021.

“This 12-month reduction in radioactivity will allow us to bring this parcel back to its original radioactivity level over a 5-year period. We will continue to offer our services to help the Chernobyl exclusion site, including the area around the Nr. 4 plant, and we also want to quickly offer our solution at other problematic sites around the world, including Fukushima in Japan. We can avoid the discharge of radioactive water into the oceans and thus prevent a new ecological catastrophe.”