Leonardo Taking Orders for 1 MW+ Ecat Power Plants

On the Ecatorders.com and ecat.com websites, Leonardo Corporation is now offering pre-built electricity generating power plants.


Here is the description:

It is possible now to order pre-built electricity generating Ecat SKLep Plants from Leonardo Corporation. These plants are configured by Leonardo Corp. and are shipped as a completed plant, ready to operate when installed at the customer’s site. This eliminates the need for the customer to build their own large plants by configuring many individual Ecat SKLep units.

A 1 MW plant will be delivered in a half standard size (20 feet) shipping container. A 2 MW plant will be delivered in a full size (40 feet) standard shipping container, Higher capacity plants will be delivered in multiples of these containers. The minimum size Ecat SKLep Plant that can be ordered is 1 MW. The cost is $2500000 ($2.5 million) per MW (excluding shipping and taxes)

The cost per 100 Watts ($250) for these prebuilt plants is almost the same as for the individual Ecat SKLep units, but an advantage here is that the customer does not have to build the plants. They come in their own containers, and ready to go. It does seem like there will be some customer configuration required if inverters are used.

This would be a product that would be most suitable for commercial customers. If they work well, I could see them being attractive to businesses of all kinds. They would be green (no emissions), and have the advantages of being an alternative energy source without the requirement of a large amount of space, and being dependent upon ideal weather conditions. Of course there is the upfront investment of at least $2.5 million to consider, but I think there will be customers willing to take the risk to make that investment for the potential long-term benefits.

It will be interesting to see whether this turns out to be a more attractive product than the individual SKLeps.