Plasma Kinetics: Storing Hydrogen on Film or Discs

Thanks to an ECW reader for sending a link to a video from the E is for Electric YouTube Channel which deals with electric vehicles. This is an interview with Paul Smith of Plasma Kinetics

He discusses his company’s technology which involves storing hydrogen on CDs or film.

Some quotes from the video:

“We have several ways of creating this material, it’s just like a computer chip, it’s very very thin. It can be put on a CD, and it can also be put in a film, so it can be like a movie film. In fact if you think of how a movie film is rolling from reel to reel, with a light shining on it, that light when it shines on that film, when it’s holding hydrogen, is going to release it. that’s how our technology works. The same is true with a laser disc player, the laser shining on the disc releases the hydrogen.”

A few points gleaned from the video:

They are now storing hydrogen a nano-graphite film which is 1/10 the thickness of a human hair.

They can store hydrogen without compressing it. Hydrogen can be added directly to the film, eliminating the need for compression and storage tanks.

As far as power density goes, they estimate that 15 pounds of this material can get you 20 miles in a car.

He says that aircraft manufacturers are interested.

Unique advantages: less than 1/3 of a weight of a battery for similar energy storage. Cost 20 percent of the cost of batteries.

Drawback, you can’t just plug it into the grid. You have to convert the hydrogen into electricity.