Rossi: ‘Thousands’ of Ecat SKLeps Produced So Far

It’s never easy to get information from Andrea Rossi regarding what is going on behind the scenes with the Ecat. But since he announced that production of Ecat SKLeps has already started, I wanted to see if he would give us an indication about the level of production at the moment. Here is my question and Rossi’s response:

Frank Acland
March 8, 2022 at 7:49 AM
Dear Andrea,

I hope the Ecat SKLep production is going well. Can you say if the number of of SKLeps you have built is:

1. Tens
2. Hundreds
3. Thousands
4. Tens of thousands

Thank you very much,

Andrea Rossi
March 8, 2022 at 11:18 AM
Frank Acland:
Warm Regards

Rossi stated on March 3rd that production had started, and that there are manufacturing locations in both the USA and Europe. I personally think it is a strong achievement if thousands of SKLeps produced so far, so long as they work well. I actually doubt he would be making thousands if they don’t work well. If something was wrong, they would have to stop and make adjustments. It sounds like he is starting out on a limited basis, which is what I would expect. If it can be shown that the SKLeps really do work as advertised, demand will go through the roof and something will have to be done to ramp up production.