Idea for Ecat SKLep Laptop Circuit

Here’s a creative idea for using an Ecat SKLep from a comment today posted on the Journal of Nuclear Physics.

Dear Dr. Rossi,

My laptop is ready and waiting to be powered by your E-Cat SKLep.
My Lithium Iron Phosphate rechargeable battery arrived today.
I will use a small 20W solar panel to recharge the battery off the grid.

Hoping that my E-Cat SKLep will arrive soon.

Best Regards,

Daniel G. Zavela

The photo of this laptop circuit is here, with a dummy Ecat SK and controller.

I have no doubt that this is just one example of what people are dreaming of when it comes to using Ecat SKLeps. 100 watts will not power a home, but it could certainly be useful in emergency or off-grid situations. I am sure that if the time comes that these SKLeps get into the hands of actual customers there will be many such creative uses for the generators.