Rossi: Working on 1 kW Ecats ‘Right Now’

There have been some comments on the Journal of Nuclear Physics recently that suggest that Andrea Rossi and his team are currently working on a larger version (sounds like about 1 kW) of the Ecat SKLep. Rossi had mentioned this in the past as a line of research and development. When asked yesterday about the status of the 1 kW Ecat, Rossi stated: “We are working on it: even right now, in this very moment, I am working with it.” In another comment he wrote: “We are working hard on it, probably tomorrow we’ll start the tests with the prototype.”

And today was this Q&A:

March 13, 2022 at 4:13 AM
Dear Dr. Rossi,

When the SKLep works as promised then it would be one of the most astonishing inventions ever. Still, most people would prefer more power, like 1 kWatt. But what would you consider as the most important weakness or vulnerability of the SKLep?

And what would you like to optimise if you were able to?

With kind regards,


Andrea Rossi
March 13, 2022 at 6:17 AM
If the instruction manual will be respected, I don’t see vulnerabilities.
Perfection is impossible to reach, so there will be always room for improvements. The one we are working on right now is to raise the power of modules to make easier the assembling process.
Warm Regards,

Most of us use kW of electricity in the course of daily life rather than just hundreds of watts, so I would imagine a 1 kW Ecat would be a lot more popular than a 100 W model, as it would require a lot less configuration to build generators of higher power. The fact that Rossi is working on this at the moment makes me wonder if he planning to release this in the near term, or whether it is a something being prepared for later.