Rossi ‘Not Reluctant’ to Have 24/7 Webcam Showing Ecat in Operation

Here’s an exchange on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today which might indicate that Andrea Rossi is open to the idea of a new way of marketing the Ecat SKLep.

June 19, 2022 at 10:03 PM
Dr. Rossi,

You’ve been reluctant to have a minimalist SKLep set up somewhere within your lab and operating, for the world to watch, on a 24/7 webcam. Many of your readers believe– myself included– that such a setup would reinforce the long-term operational capabilities of the device and therefore increase the rate of large-buyer preorders.

Questions: If it’s true that you’re reluctant, is it because:
1) The current rate of preorders is optimal right now and you see no need to increase them?
2) You don’t believe it would be worth your team’s time to set something like that up?
3) You don’t believe that such a setup would attract significant interest?
4) The buyers that you’re looking for already know full well about the SKLep & its capabilities?
5) You have concerns that such a setup would prematurely give competitors too much information?
6) Something else?

Thanks & best wishes,

Andrea Rossi
June 20, 2022 at 2:16 AM
I am not reluctant.
Warm Regards,

A 24/7 webcam showing the Ecat in operation has been suggested before as a means of showing its capability. For a number of months following the December 2021 presentation, Andrea Rossi seemed to think he had done enough to generate the number of pre-orders he needed to start production, but it apparently has turned out that some of the ‘big buyers’ who had placed orders did not have the necessary funding to pay for the orders up front.

It looks like Rossi recognizes the need for a new approach — he says he has a ‘plan B’ — and if Andrea Rossi is ‘not reluctant’ to have a live webcam showing the Ecat in operation, perhaps that is part of his plan B.