New MFMP Video: “O-Day – From Under 2x to 10x Excess Heat”

In this new video, Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project talks about how he believes it is important to develop ways to practical systems to produce excess heat and electricity and he talks in this video about ways to achieve thermal gain through the mechanism of exotic vacuum objects (EVOs). He reviews some of the MFMPs efforts in the past, and also the work of Francesco Celani. In 2012, MFMP volunteers claimed a thermal gain of 12.5 per cent.

He discusses the work of Russian Researcher Anatoly Klimov and believes ‘pseudo neutrons’ are involved in producing excess heat. Klimov’s system, Bob states, was able to get 10x excess heat only when they used ‘thermal neutron moderator elements’.

Bob advises that people who are wanting to produce excess heat that are using systems in the family of EVOs, to use thermal neutron moderating materials like graphite and/or boron nitride to prevent your reactor from being destroyed.