Who Will Buy the Minisklep?

Leonardo Corp.’s introduction of the Ecat Minisklep was a big surprise to me because Andrea Rossi had previously stated that he had been working on a larger 1 kW version of the Ecat. With many people concerned about the ever-increasing cost of powering and heating homes and businesses, I think a larger version of the Ecat, rather than a smaller one would be the more attractive option. But as of yet, the 1 kW Ecat is not available for pre-order. It sounds like it is a quite a challenge for Rossi and his team.

So who will be likely to buy the Minisklep? I think for the most part, people who order them will be doing it out of curiosity, rather than for practical purposes. The fact that the Minisklep cannot be run off batteries will limit its appeal.

If the Minsklep was mobile it would be far more useful and appealing.  I ordered three for myself, mainly because at that price it would be an inexpensive way to buy what I consider would be a piece of history. And I think it would be interesting to do experiments with them. They would be an inexpensive proof-of-concept device that show that Ecat technology is not just a fantasy, and maybe I could save a few cents charging devices and batteries in the process.

I do think they would make great Christmas presents. It would be something I could give to my family members who have been wondering what this Ecat thing is all about. I have pretty much given up trying to explain it after so many years with not much to show people.

And I have no doubt that some people will be ordering them to break them open and see what’s inside.

But first, we really need to know if it works. Andrea Rossi was asked if the announcement of the Minisklep was the ‘Plan B’ he has been referring to for a while now. He answered ‘no’. He said that if Plan A does not work (it hasn’t so far) then Plan B will be implemented this year. So I think there will be more to come before the year is out. Hopefully before Christmas we will have a better idea of whether the Minisklep is more than a fantasy.