EVO To EVOlution: An Extrapolation Based on Recent Discussions (LilyLover)

The following post has been submitted by ECW reader LilyLover.

EVO To EVOlution: An Extrapolation Based On Recent Discussions


Based on many Q&As on these threads and on JoNP, and Andrea Rossi’s insistence on the answers, I have realized that a coherent picture is about to emerge.

EVO-decay is a chaotic phenomenon; energy harvesting through EVO-decay is possible by thermalizing, illumination, plazmafication or hydrino-formation. The “chaining” or direct reactance-loading cannot work because the grounding is needed. Why is the grounding needed? ==>> Because >> Controlled rate of EVO formation is needed; the AI controller or another to-be-developed EVO-limiter or EVO-buffer-er are necessary to prevent chaotic runaway-EVO-formation. Any runaway chaos is managed by discharge into the Earth. While the EVO decay is not predictable, the frequency over time seems to be reliably consistent for the quality and purity of the materials, matrix, and the signals. Thus, the need for recharge and ability to construct to the specifications of desired number of hours. The runaway EVO chaos sites are essentially destroyed sites, thus needing new material / few hundreds of molecules for each runaway event. This need for controlled runaway dissipation requires earthing.

A motor coil burnout, wire insulation burnout, static charge build-up and such other problems prevent the grounding. Hence the safety certification is significant.

Evolution from HotCat to tiny-HotCat to SKLEP to MiniSKLEP indicates that the technology and materials and signal manipulation has advanced significantly. The other implication is, upon further refinement, and use of TSMC-like fab-labs will enable micro-miniaturizations, as well. When purity is improved, the EVOs can be further managed to minimize or eliminate localized sites getting destroyed. Dr. Rossi’s claim that the process of revitalization of
catalysts is reversible with minimal energy expenditure also implies that a perfect EVO-control system will not need any significant material consumption or in other words that 100,000 hours can be made into millions of hours!

This also tells me that the secrecy is necessary to Dr. Rossi, since the semiconductor giants can refine the product to the superlative degree and make the runaway EVO-discharge go away completely and one day we can have the wire-free mobile energy. On the other hand, if EVO-runaway can be repeated at will, then aerospace applications are not too behind.

I think that the patent-based replications at “the Navy/DARPA” has revealed it to be a viable mass commodity. The geopolitical implications of semiconductor manufacturing location and US-China relations put an additional twist as to why the resistance exists against proliferation of this technology beyond the OilCos and the capitalistic profiteering. The process of miniaturization also portends the energy density improvements in the macro-scale gadgetry thereby enabling enhanced Star-Wars-like weaponry. Those who can build purest semiconductors will be able to develop most fearsome, energy dense weapons.

On the other hand/side, the proven ability to “some people” has managed its way to electric car mandate, to “some other people” has managed to drum up the drumbeats for Climate-Change-Money-Allocation while they still can, to “yet other people” it signaled 32-hour work weeks for same salary.

The takeaway is that the EVO-harvesting technology is here, is simple, has advanced far too much compared to Hutchinson’s side-effect of matter-weathering to Andrea’s ability to recycle the damaged lattice. As of now, the problems are solved; floodgates will open precipitously. In essence, humanity has mastered the fire! EVO led EVOlution!!!