Q&A About the Gridless E-Cat SKLep

Today I sent some questions to Andrea Rossi at the Journal of Nuclear Physics regarding the gridless version of the E-Cat. See my questions and his answers below:

Frank Acland
December 16, 2022 at 7:36 AM
Dear Andrea,

I have some questions regarding the no-grid version of the E-Cat SKLep if you don’t mind.

a) Will those people who have pre-ordered the SKLep be able to change their order to the no-grid version, and if so, how?
b) If you offer the no-grid version of the SKLep, will you continue to also offer the grid version?
c) Would there be any advantage of a grid version over a no-grid version?
d) Will there be any difference in cost between the grid SKLep or no-grid SKLep?

Andrea Rossi
December 16, 2022 at 7:54 AM
Frank Acland:
a) yes
b) yes
c) the gridless version is necessary where there is not a grid connection; besides, the gridless version works in ssm
d) no
Besides I want to add that anybody that has pre-ordered a grid version will have the faculty to turn the pre-order to the gridless version anytime, after we will communicate that the gridless version is available for pre-orders.
Warm regards,

If there is no difference in cost between the grid and gridless SKLeps, and there is no difference in performance, I can’t see any reason to order a grid version, as it adds unnecessary complexity. My guess is that the vast majority of customers will opt for the gridless SKLeps and probably the gridless SKLeps will become obsolete in time.