E. Hy. Claims Autonomous Hydrogen Energy System

The following post was submitted by Domenico Canino

Dear Frank and friends, i am happy to give a good new:

Free and green energy from Italy.

Eng. Marco Bertelli has patented an innovative hydrogen cell, with two titanium plates, which allows us to have energy at very low cost and to free ourselves from electricity and gas bills for heating.

He built a plant in Pisa that produces and sells a machine called HYDRO G which contains the cell that produces hydrogen, from which heat is produced that turns a turbine and from it the water is heated and electricity is obtained in direct current with a dynamo, which charges two 48 volt batteries of 100 amperes which act as a buffer, and from there the direct current is passed to an inverter which gives the alternating current 220 volts,

IMPORTANT thing is installed ISLAND. That is, it works alone without connections to the electricity or gas network. You detach yourself forever, if you want.

Consume only 40 liters of distilled water and two liters of bioethanol per year!

With the machine you get 5 kilowatt hours of electricity and about 17,000 kilocalories of heat for hot water and heating. On average, they are enough for a 200 square meter home.
Furthermore, it can be used with an optional increased inverter to recharge the electric car both in 8 hours long mode and in 1 hour and a half short mode, the current is taken from the battery pack of the car, and it is given to the car, and then the car batteries will recharge slowly with the hydrogen cycle. And goodbye also to the gas station.
The machine costs 9,500 euros in the basic model. To which must be added a maintenance contract of 600 euros a year which includes the topping up of distilled water and ethanol.
Anyone who can afford to buy it can free themselves from bills forever. Calculate how long it takes for amortization. It does not emit pollutants of any kind. It is patented for Europe, USA, Russia and Arab countries.

Eng. Marco Bertelli already has 20,000 orders in his portfolio. The machine can be seen in operation in the Pisa plant.
For me it’s WIN-WIN.


P.S. I’m not in business with Bertelli, this is my free opinion.