Reporter Visits E.Hy. to See Marco Bertelli’s Hydro Generator

Thanks to Dominico Canoni for this link to an article published in February 2023 on the Italian website Impresedilinews which is a report by journalist Adriano Baffelli of a visit to the E.Hy. company near Pisa, Italy to see Marco Bertelli’s Hydro generator which is claimed to generate domestic electricity off-grid using distilled water and bioethanol as fuel, which need to be refueled only twice a year.

The original article is in Italian, excerpts below are using Google Translate.

«The water, in contact with the titanium plates preheated by internal heating elements is transformed into steam at high temperature, which is stored in special containers, and then fed into a turbine patented by the company. The electrical transformer produces the electricity, which is then stored in the 48 Volt battery pack. The residual steam is used for the process in the boiler block.”

“The machine has an internal hydrogen generator. The device consists of a peristaltic pump that draws distilled water and bioethanol from internal tanks in different percentages. Inside there is a tank, where by means of a positive and a negative pole an electric arc is formed.”

“The catalyst allows the formation of biogas, called syngas, with a high percentage of oxygen-containing hydrogen. The hydrogen produced is stored inside a small container of 40 g at six bar pressure, which allows the transit of the component directly to Hydro.”

Photos are in the original article.