EMF and Geiger Readings in Proximity to the E-Cat, and Background

Yesterday during the livestream of the E-Cat SKLep SSM, Andrea Rossi took some readings with an EMF detector, and a Geiger meter. Here are a couple of screenshots that I captured from the video. The first is with the EMF detector and the second with the Geiger meter.

I asked Andrea if he could provide an explanation of what these readings meant, and he sent me the following photo, which was apparently taken away from the lab where the E-Cat is streaming, and provided an explanation.

The measurement of EMF and radiations of the background made after the measurements in proximity of the Ecat.
As you can see, the values are moreless the same in the background as they are in the proximity of the Ecat.
This photo is important also because here you can read clearly that the Geiger -at the right in the photo – has in the top the radiations in V/m and in the bottom the EMF in mG, and both have the word “Good” in the bottom left of their respective windows. Should the numbers be above the safety level -which would be by orders of magnitude superior- instead of GOOD you’d read WARNING
Next to the Geiger there is the EMF detector, that measures 0.1 mG