UFO Press Conference at National Press Club: “Disclosure 2.0”

Below is the video of the National Press Club Event held on June 12th, 2023 titled Disclosure 2.0 which is intended to bring awareness and acknowledgment of UFO/UAP phenomena and removing the secrecy around them.

Greer states at the beginning of the presentation that according to his understanding, preparation for US Congressional hearings on the subject of UFOs, extraterrestrial materials are being made. He says that he has been working to provide information to the US government and has recently compiled an archive of materials which has been handed over to government officials. Some of the items in the archive are:

Government documents from countries around the world

A map of 145 secret facilities and bases (some ‘black sites’)

752 whistleblower witness testimony from military, corporate and government persons

121 UFO crash retrieval cases

In addition to Greer, other speakers at the event military personnel who describe experiences they have witnessed, and an attorney who is working on legal avenues to end the secrecy surrounding UFO information.