Which Car Will be Used at E-Cat EV Demo? (LilyLover)

The following comment was submitted by LilyLover.

I predict that the car used will be Fiat 500e.

• The car has limited range that can be exhausted within two hours.
• Fiat (Stellantis) still remains associated with Italy/Italian-pride.
• The care already exists with its known limitations.
• Ferrari or others will be deemed exotic and custom-made.
• After 12 hours, upon E-Cat’s removal, the car can be demonstrated to drive for the next two hours before it comes to a complete stop, within reasonable time-frame for journalists.
• Fiat will hardly pass up this opportunity.
• Fiat 500e is in the price range of achievability for average person, and at below average price-point from American consumer’s point of view.

OK, is this a time for creating a fun poll about which car do we think will be used for the demonstration?

I’d love to hear all of our opinions and see what happens on the demonstration day.