Sweden’s Parliament Makes Shift in Energy Planning Towards Nuclear

An article from Reuters reports a significant change in energy policy in Sweden.


Last week the Swedish parliament modified the country’s energy planning in a fairly significant way. In order to meet Sweden’s goal of zero net emissions by 2045, the parliament changed its target from “100% Renewable”, to “100% Fossil-Free”.

This has the effect of opening the door to nuclear power. Finance Minister Elisabeth Svantesson stated: “This creates the conditions for nuclear power, we need more electricity production, we need clean electricity and we need a stable energy system.”

This seems like an acknowledgement that alternatives like wind and solar are considered by the Swedish government to be insufficient alone to meet the country’s energy needs.

I believe that Andrea Rossi and Leonardo Corporation would be wise to keep abreast of current energy policies, which are in a state of flux especially since the onset of war in Ukraine which has had a big impact on concerns about energy security. E-Cat power, if it is stable and reliable, would in my estimation be far more attractive than nuclear power, but it needs to be clearly demonstrated to be able to meet the practical needs. Maybe it is time for invitations to be extended to government leaders, as well as members of the press, for the EV E-Cat demonstration this October.