Popular Science: “Cold Fusion is Making a Scientific Comeback”

An article published by Popular Science, posted on MSN.com yesterday looks at the renewed interest in the cold fusion/LENR field by some within the scientific community.

The article can be found here:


The article reviews the history of cold fusion, telling the Pons and Fleischmann story and explaining the difficulties that people had replicating their claims. It also goes on to explain that the field is not dead, and that now there have been various recent efforts to fund CF/LENR research in the US and Europe. The money is not much compared to what has been devoted to ‘hot’ fusion research (millions compared to billons), but it is a start.

From the article:

But that money will be used in important ways, its proponents say. The field has two pressing priorities. One is to attract attention with a high-quality research paper that clearly demonstrates an anomaly, ideally published in a reputable journal like Nature or Science. “Then, I think, there will be a big influx of resources and people,” says Metzler.

A second, longer-term goal is to explain how cold fusion might work. The laws of physics, as scientists understand them today, do not have a consensus answer for why cold fusion could happen at all.