“How to achieve the Fleischmann-Pons heat effect” (Paper)

Thanks to Stephen for posting a link to a paper published January 15th 2023 in the journal International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

The title is: “How to achieve the Fleischmann-Pons heat effect”

The author is: M.R. Staker of Loyola University (Maryland USA)

Abstract: “To understand if cold fusion produces nuclear energy, a calorimeter was designed for electrolysis of Pd in heavy water with a precision of ± 0.5%: it exhibited excess power levels of between 20 and 240 W/cm3 accompanied by excess heat of 150 MJ/cm3 or 14 000 eV/atom of Pd, corroborating the original findings and verifying a nuclear source. An extra (other than commonly used Pt/H2O) control experiment using Pd/D2O lacked essential conditions necessary for producing the Fleischmann-Pons heat effect and so did not yield the Fleischmann-Pons heat effect, and neither did all Pt/H2O controls. Ten hard-to-achieve but vital conditions are disclosed for a recognizable (measurable) Fleischmann-Pons heat effect; and these resulted in 100% reproducibility in this study. The phenomenon should not be rejected as a valid topic of research: it is not Rutherford’s moonshine and rejection was categorically premature.”

Full text is available at: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0360319922047140