The Importance of the E-Cat EV Demonstration

In my work publishing this website I sometimes come across information that is very interesting, but that I am not at liberty to disclose. I have learned a few things recently that I have found extremely intriguing and encouraging.

To be a bit more specific, I am now convinced that the E-Cat demonstration that Leonardo Corporation has planned for October of this year is going to be extremely important, providing it happens as is planned. I really can’t overemphasize this. Over the years Andrea Rossi has presented various demonstrations of E-Cat technology, including the one with the E-Cat SKLep SSM that is currently viewable online on his website.

So far, nothing that has been presented has really caught the attention of a wide public. At the moment there is a fairly small audience of people interested in E-Cat technology worldwide. In my experience, if you talk to your friends, co-workers, and family about the E-Cat, most of them will not know what you are talking about. It is simply a technology that is off most people’s radars, even people who are well educated, well connected and interested in issues connected with energy and climate. It has been over a year since Leonardo Corporation started taking pre-orders for E-Cat products and they are still waiting for the requisite number to start E-Cat production, and so we are left in a state of waiting.

I personally think that for people to really get excited and interested in E-Cat technology in terms of practical applications, something more powerful than an LED light needs to be demonstrated. And I think a great deal of credit goes to Andrea Rossi and his team for continuing develop the E-Cat to a point where he will now be able to show something that I believe will really make people sit up and take notice.

From what I have learned about what is planned for the October presentation, it should be far more impactful than anything that has been done to date. I think it will deserve the attention of people working in science, industry, business, media, government, and any other walk of life where energy use is needed – which is basically everyone.

From what I have learned, the plan for the October demo is clear, simple, dramatic, and in my estimation would be impossible to fake. I believe it will show that the E-Cat’s time has come to enter the world’s stage and play an important role in clean energy generation in a way that has been hitherto unknown. I am glad to know that the event will be well documented, well recorded and there will be multiple competent persons in attendance who will be able to witness the proceedings and report on their experiences.

I started this website because I felt that most people in the media were not taking E-Cat technology seriously, and I felt I should make an effort to bring to it the attention it deserved. Now I think it is more important than ever to do so. I believe that the E-Cat is a technology that is on a level of importance with some of the great inventions in history, such the steam engine, the internal combustion engine, the airplane, the computer, and many other significant breakthroughs that have benefitted the world.

So, I hope that somehow people can be persuaded to tune in when the time comes, and that people with influence will share the news about what occurs.