Rossi Reveals More Details of the E-Cat EV Demo Plan

Andrea Rossi has provided some important details about the planned E-Cat EV demonstration this October in the following post. Steven Karels had suggested that Rossi run a 24 hour test give the longest-ever EV drive.

Andrea Rossi
July 18, 2023 at 6:27 AM
Steven Nicholes Karels:
Stunts apart, the Porsche Taycan has a declared autonomy of 327 km; anyway, we are not going to make any record, we are going to give evidence of the fact that the EV powered by an Ecat starts with the battery full and after 12 hours of race has the battery still full, while the same model of car in competition, at the same speed, after a couple of hours stops to run because its battery is completely discharged.
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Rossi has pretty much laid out the basic plan for his demonstration here. Some details not provided are: the make/model of the EV, the speed at which it will travel (thus the total distance driven), how the state of battery charge will be verified, who will attend the demonstration.

I think it is a given that there will be efforts made to discount the demonstration, and claim some kind of trickery/deception, since what Rossi is claiming he will show is considered impossible.

But I feel like this will be very difficult to explain away, providing there are competent and reliable witnesses of the whole event who can verify that everything is as he describes.