Long Q&A About E-Cat Demo

Below is an extensive Q&A about the upcoming E-Cat EV demonstration from the Journal of Nuclear Physics today. I have put Andrea Rossi’s responses below each question in bold.

July 20, 2023 at 10:26 AM
Dear Dr. Rossi.

Lately the blog has been making suggestions of various kinds on the October demonstration, some constructive/proactive others undoubtedly esoteric and therefore not very useful for an effective demo.

Hoping I’m not asking too much, I’d like to try to clarify things a bit.

Since I am the first to have a bit of confusion in my head, I would like to try to summarize what I have understood up to now in order to have your confirmations/denials on what is reported below.

The questions are deliberately concise and formulated so that you can answer with a Yes or a No.

1) Will the demo be a private event open only to Influencers, newspapers, EV industry experts?

1- yes, but we will make a 14 hours uninterrupted video

2) The demonstration will be in October in an Italian racetrack Known?

2- yes

3) Will the demonstration involve 2 EVs (same brand, model and power), one in the “factory” configuration and one with “integrated” inside, your Ecat Module, whose purpose will be to keep the battery charged during the demonstration?

3- yes

4) Will the demonstration last 12 hours?

4- no, it will last 14 hours, because after the 12 hours with the Ecat, we will disconnect the Ecat and will proceed for a couple of hours more without the Ecat, to show that the battery of the EV was still full at the end of the 12 hours

5) Does the duration of 12 hours have the purpose of ensuring that the EV with the ecat can travel such a large number of KM as to exceed the WLTP cycle of this type of electric vehicle by at least 3-4 times?


6) Will the original EV run out of charge after a few hours and be forced to stop?


7) Will the EV with Ecat on board after 12 hours of uninterrupted “run” still be charged as its battery has been kept charged by the Ecat itself?


8) Will the whole demonstration be filmed and recorded to be published on the internet in due course?


9) Will both EVs always be visible during the demonstration and won’t they be “blind spots” that could cast doubts on the demonstration itself?


10) Will the state of charge of the batteries of both EVs (SoC) be verified both at the start of the demonstration and at the end of the demonstration?


What is written above is what I think I have understood from the answers given so far (so I would expect all positive answers)

Here instead, if I may I would like to ask some additional questions:

11) Will it be possible to know the weight of both EVs?

11- Yes

12) Will the EV with Ecat on board weigh more?

12- yes, because the weight of the Ecat System

13) Can you confirm that no modifications have been made to the original Battery of the 2 EVs?

13 – yes and at the end of the race an expert of that specific EV will be allowed to inspect the battery of the EV to certify that no manipulation has been done

14) If yes, does this mean that the 2 EVs, both the standard one and the one with Ecat, will still contain the original battery installed by the parent company?

14- yes

If I may I would like to try to suggest something myself:

a) If the demonstration will take place in a well-known racetrack, does it mean that it will be equipped (therefore a race director will be present) to issue official documentation on the number of laps covered by both EVs, the KM traveled and the average speed reached by them? In my opinion, having this documentation will be very important for the results of the demonstration itself.

14a- yes

b) Could some of the participants in the demo ride the standard Mezzo EV so as to be an active part in the demonstration?

14b- yes

c) It would be very important to be able to certify the state of charge of the battery (SoC at the beginning and end of the demonstration) by a third party with a universally recognized software.

14c- yes, he will be very welcome

I know who could carry out this type of “verification” and if they deem it useful I could “privately” indicate their contact details.

I hope that what is asked below does NOT involve “confidential aspects” that you cannot talk about, and therefore that you will be able to answer at least some of my questions.

Thanks in advance