The E-Cat is the Answer

Some of the biggest controversies and debates of our time revolve around the issues of energy and climate. It seems that nowadays energy and climate issues are closely linked in public discourse and debate; it is hard to discuss one without the other.

There is a thought that comes to me frequently when I read or listen to these discussions/debates, which is:

The E-cat is the answer.

For example, today here in ECW Axil posted the following regarding the charging of electric vehicles:

Issues that the SSM EV charger will address:

“The major problem with the electric vehicle is finding charging stations.”

Charging stations in the US will cost $ to put in place.

The Grid is not able to support EV charging. A grid upgrade will cost 10s of $billions.

Upgrading the power infrastructure in the U.S. to support EVs will cost between 2.5 and 3 trillion$. Others estimate for a global upgrade range by 2050 between 3.5 and 21 Trillion$,

In my mind, the solution is clear: The E-Cat is the answer. Forget the charging stations, and get to work on installing E-Cats in vehicles.

I realize it is rather a simplistic way to look at things, but I can’t help it. To me it is the logical solution. And I also realize that in real life, logical solutions are not aways applied, for all kinds of reasons.

Even though I am fully convinced that the E-Cat is a real and practical technological solution, I don’t know whether it will succeed commercially. I certainly hope it does, but there are lots of things that need to happen before it gets into the hands of consumers.

Overall I do feel optimistic. I think it will happen sooner or later. I really do believe that for many, certainly not all, of our world’s problems that the E-Cat is the answer.