Rossi’s E-Cat Commercialization Challenge

I thought the following comment by Harry Skip Robinson today was interesting and brought up relevant issues connected with commercialization of E-Cat technology:

Having followed him for many years now, met the man and believe him to be quite intelligent, I am going to assume Mr. Rossi is going to take the required steps to prove the E-Cat’s performance. He is also quite aware from experience, there are voluminous numbers of unscrupulous people who do not want to see him succeed. I think it is interesting that Nicoli Tesla allegedly did a similar experiment but without a comparison vehicle. In my opinion the comparison vehicle is not necessary, it just makes it a bit easier for validation. I would suggest to the readers that getting the money to commercialize the E-Cat has always been a problem. Several technologies I have been involved with have had experienced their share of thieves trying to steal it from them. I’m talking about those who lend to startups and are significant investment brokerage houses. Go figure, Wall Street is full of thieves and scoundrels.

They just won’t lend you the necessary $millions it takes to build the factories and organization without giving up majority control. There are literally multi-$Trillions invested in the fossil fuel and alternative energy markets and this would literally wipe most of them off the map. You saw what they did to Tesla to stop him from creating limitedness cheap energy. Security has to been one of the most important components of anything he does.

I personally believe that there is no chance that Andrea Rossi would be arranging for a demonstration of an E-Cat-powered electric vehicle if he had any doubt at all that it would not work reliably. So I think that the organizing of this demonstration is the strongest circumstantial evidence yet for the validity of the E-Cat as a new practical energy source.

I think Rossi has made monumental achievements to date in terms of his technological development of the E-Cat. I think it will be just as monumental if he can have successful commercial launch of his products. There will no doubt be a lot of opposition, as Harry notes above, and the pressure on him will be immense. I have observed about Andrea Rossi is that he is an extremely hard worker, very determined, and very tough. I think he will exert all his energy and effort to try to make his project succeed, and I would not bet against his success.