Rossi on EV Batteries as Buffers

Here is another comment from Andrea Rossi today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics in response to a question about the need for using a battery when driving an EV motor with an E-Cat.

Andrea Rossi
August 23, 2023 at 5:39 AM
Steven Nicholes Karels:
The battery of the EV as a buffer is necessary because of the complex electronics that manage the specific electric engine.
To connect the Ecat to the battery of the EV demands complex electronics.
The electronic system necessary for a specific EV may not suit another model of EV, depending on the specific battery management system, therefore the serial application to every specific model will demand a collaboration between the manufacturer and our Team.
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It would appear then that the E-Cat configuration that Rossi and his team are using for the EV that is to be used in the upcoming demonstration has been specifically designed for the car they are using. From his response here, it seems that each EV will need to have a custom designed E-Cat system to work with that specific vehicle model.

If the E-Cat does take off as an EV charging solution, it seems that it will need to be done in partnership with EV manufacturers. Leonardo’s EV demonstration will need to get the attention of automakers if that is to happen.