E-Cat Impact on Batteries

Thanks to Jas for the following comment today about batteries.

If the ecat is so efficient at charging a battery in a car then does the battery have to be lithium?
There are problems with current batteries such as high cost, environmental problems, catching fire. Would it be better to go back to lead acid batteries for instance?
Or design a new battery that is cheaper to build and not use so many rare earth materials?

I think this is in insightful comment. Batteries are being developed to become more and more energy dense in order to hold a charge for as long as possible before recharging is needed. If the E-Cat can keep a battery in a continual state of full charge, is it really necessary to have the most energy dense battery possible?

If you had an “E-Cat Onboard”, you would just need a battery that could deliver the required power, but no more than is necessary. As Jas states above, some of the issues about things like battery fires and environmental impact could be negated with a different battery composition. The E-Cat could change the way people think about batteries.